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Experience and Commitment

The primary goal of Akin Brooks Engineering when commissioning any project is to ensure that the success for the project is clearly defined in the OPR and that the building performs as intended to fulfill that mission. We approach every commissioning project from a holistic approach that spans from pre-design planning to occupancy and operations at a minimum and will often include ongoing commissioning. Accordingly, our goals to new building commissioning are to:

  1. Deliver buildings and construction projects that meet the owner's project requirements.

  2. Prevent or eliminate problems inexpensively through proactive quality techniques.

  3. Verify systems are installed and working correctly and benchmark that correct operation.

  4. Lower overall first costs and life-cycle costs for the owner.

  5. Provide documentation and records on the design, construction, and testing to facilitate operation and maintenance of the facility.

  6. Implement trend logs, automated and semi-automated Cx tools to support the O&M staff's goal of continuous Cx.

  7. Maintain facility performance for the building's entire life cycle.

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